Panties not only help in securing our private parts but also make us more comfortable in wearing the different types of dresses. However, how many times have you felt a bit awkward inside you with any particular dress? You may have accused the dress, but the concern may be in selecting the right panties.

We spend a lot of time in the selection of the bra but sometimes may end up wearing a thong with low-waist jeans. This kind of selection may not only lead to discomfort but also may cause embarrassment.

Here are some of the most common types of panties that every woman should have in her closet: –

  • Thong: – It may not go well with low-waist jeans, but there is nothing sexier like wearing a thong. This goes perfectly with a pencil skirt or a bodycon dress.
  • Tummy-tucker: – If you are going for a date or any special occasion and looking to hide the extra belly fat, then using a tummy tucker is a great and simple option.
  • Boy Shorts: – It is one of the most comfortable types of panties that you can expect. As the name suggests, the design of the same is similar to the men’s boxer and provides great comfort. You can easily wear them along with skirts or any kind of frocks too.
  • Hipster: – Hipsters are the combination of the modern brief which is as comfortable as the boy shorts but not as bulky as them. As the name suggests, it is a kind of underwear which sit on the hips of the user. These panties are suitable to be used with any type of attire.
  • Bikini: – These panties come in great design and are usually worn for swimming or in parties. They are usually worn on the hips and are made of cotton or silk or lace etc.
  • G-String: – There are similar to the thong, but they are more modern and have less coverage. It is a great one to wear if you are expecting an exotic time.
  • Classic Brief: – These are the panties that you buy from the mall or in shops in a pair of three or two. These are the most common in the market and can be worn with any kind of clothes unless it is body hugging as it may show your panty lines.

If you check your wardrobe, you may find that you have a dozen panties, but most of them are of the same type. On the other hand, you may have wide varieties of clothes. Thus it is very important that you select the type of panties according to the clothes you are wearing rather than picking anything which is available handy.

This will not only make you feel more comfortable but will also enhance your outlook.