The bras may sound like a simple type of innerwear which women wear inside their dress to look in good shape. But do you really know which type of bra you need to wear with a particular type of dresses? Like a thong never goes with low slung jeans, same ways, the different types of bras have got different usages.

Choosing a bra is like choosing a friend. If you select the perfect one then it will provide you with the best support, but in case you select a wrong one it is going to make your life difficult until you undo it.

Studies have found that over 80 of women can’t select the appropriate bra type and even size. The selection of the perfect type of bra with the dress is very important to look at your best.

Here is the list of the different types of bra: –

  • Padded: – It comes with padded cups or pockets to insert them. It helps in hiding the nipple along with providing the volume and shape.
  • Push-Up: – It helps in providing the prominent cleavage by pushing the bust together.
  • Convertible: – It is a kind of multi-starrer as it comes with different styles in one piece. It has got detachable straps allowing you to customize your style according to your need like strapless or one strap or two straps or criss-cross. With one of this, you can solve the requirement of different types of bras.
  • Seamless: – This is a perfect option to go with all kind of body-hugging dresses in your wardrobe. It doesn’t affect the look of the tight dresses with visible lines.
  • Sports: – During sports or workout, you will need a perfect combination of comfort and support. The sports bra helps to provide support to your back along with avoiding the juggles during the activities.
  • Comfy Bralette: – These are the perfect choice to be comfortable and have a cup-less bra life. During summer you can just wear this as tops without the need to expose much.
  • Nursing: – Feeding the child in front of others is one of the most daunting tasks that a mother faces. Thus, the nursing bra provides the best assistance as it comes with a flap to ease the process of feeding at the cups.
  • Cage Bra: – It comes with multiple straps on the back or front and looks amazing that you may not be able to resist. You can use them is the best-suited choice as both inner and outerwear too.
  • Stick on: – This is a type of bra which is best suited for backless and strapless outfits. It doesn’t come with any kind of straps on either the shoulder or the back. The cups come with a kind of adhesive on the inner side which sticks to the body and stays put.
  • Full Figure: – This is the best-suited choice for women with bigger and fuller bust. It provides complete coverage.

There are numerous other types of bra available in the market. You can select from a wide range of options.